To Strive To Seek To Find and Never Yield.

Four Simple Rules

Life is difficult yet there is nothing on Earth as powerful as a humans with grit. I believe we will find a way because we have to. To do that we need to follow these four simple rules...

Rule 1.
Compassion above all things. Compassion is fruit of God in a person; its absense is evidence of disunion with God and Truth.
Rule 2.
Feedback and adjustment are core to any living system and its survival. Without it, there is withering death.
Rule 3.
Nihilism is depression of the human spirit. There is no meaning or future in it.
Rule 4.
There is no such thing as a bad peace or a good war.

Current Obsessions...

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Game of Thrones

Remote Agility and VR


"I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else." C.S. Lewis

"You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience. "

"We recognize science and technology as tangible expressions of our God-given impulse to explore and discover and as a natural outgrowth of being created in the image of God." ChristianTranshumanism.org

"If you choose not to decide...you still have made a choice" -Rush, Free Will

"Our duty, as men and women, is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist. We are collaborators in creation" - de Chardin


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